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Abigail’s coming out ball doesn’t go as well as she had hoped.

The Tragedy Of Abigail’s Debutant Ball

“It was my debutant ball, and I was coming out for the first time, and my dance card had been completely filled with all of the eligible bachelors. I was standing in my ball gown, which was gorgeous of course, a peach floor length gown, that was slightly yet suggestively off the shoulders, with silk flowers stitched to the bodice that came in every delicate shade of peach and pink you could imagine. My nanny had to go to the county line that so no other girl would have my particular style. I spent an hour getting my corset tightened to a 16 inch waist- 2 inches less then the average waist size. I had to be the most beautiful woman at the ball. After all, it was my damn ball. Oh, excuse my language, I’m the heroine in this story see, and sometimes I cuss a little because although I am a debutant, and born into high society, I’m also a little wild and wild women cuss.

It was at the moment that I was showing my dance card to Emmy-Lou, a dowdy girl from the out-skirts of town, that the dashing man of the ball arrived. It was Ashley Gatin, the rich, yet young and estranged (mother in the mad house, father romping about in Europe, the same ol’ story) man with the mansion on the hill. He never was seen at social soirees because dark mysterious men don’t go to balls because then they wouldn’t be dark and mysterious. Everyone knew he was bad yet magnetic. You’re not suppose to marry that type because any involvement with this young rebel could prove scandalous. Still, you know every girl in the room would jump his bones if they had the chance. Of course, he came up to me before approaching any of the other young women, and complimented me on my lovely frock.

“Why Miss. Abigail, you look ravishing this evening.” He smiled at me, flashing a quarter of his pearly whites.

“Why thank you, Mr. Gatin, how nice of you to notice”. I fluttered my neck with my fan, because it’s the south and it’s hot.

“I was wonderin’ if I might trouble you for a dance.”

I was peering over the top of my hand painted fan, watching all of the other debutants watching me with absolute envy. Look at them whisper to one another. Jealous cows.

“Why I am so sorry Mr. Gatin,” I said coyly with a frosting of bitchness, “but you are just a little too late, why I am afraid that my dance card is full. Perhaps next time Mr. Gatin. Now, if you would excuse me please Sir I must go and join my next dance partner (Mr.Dull and boring).”

He gently yet seductively touched my arm and leaned in toward my ear where his warm breath burnt my exposed neck.

“Oh I will dance with you tonight Miss. Abigail.”

“Humph.” I said spinning from the pure nerve of that hunk of a man.

It was becoming late and the last dance was called. I was dancing with Mr. Talks too much about himself, when a figure appeared behind my partner.

“May I cut in?”

It was Mr. dashing Ashley Gatin, of course, and he never looked at my dance partner, but had all of his intense focus on me; the beautiful bell of the ball.
I didn’t really say yes, but I didn’t say no either. My partner knew he was rejected because he felt the heat between mine and Ashley’s two bodies. We danced a waltz, Blue Danube maybe, when he pulled me in just a little too acceptable for society’s norm.

“Why Mr. Gatin, what do you think you are doing? I am a lady.”

“I know you are a lady, but I want to tell you I don’t care what the people think or say, I’ve just come into millions and I want you to be my wife. We will take an ocean liner to the far off lands and show the heathens of the world how civilized and beautiful we both are. I love you my dear, I have since I saw you riding your stead out in the meadow when you were but a mere girl.” He said.

“Oh darling!” I gushed.

And it was then at this moment when tragedy struck. As I fell into his manly arms I felt a strange vibration coming from my midsection, then like an explosion the bones from my corset burst from the pressure of my dancing and my natural body shape, my ghastly 22 inch waist was exposed. I looked up at Ashley. He looked down at me with a pained expression in his eyes.

“Ashley, Ashley darling?”

I cried to him and right then a single stream of blood fell from his closed lips to my damask cheek. I looked down and notice that a whale bone from my corset had stabbed into his delicate flesh piercing his heart. No he wasn’t shorter then me he had just bent down to pick me up in his wild embrace. It was bad timing.

“Noooooo!” I screamed as a crowd gathered around just in time to see his dead body slip from my corset’s bones and from my embrace. Blood was everywhere, a pool the size of a pond formed under his body and got all over my peach shoes with the single flower. I ran screaming from the building my bloody footsteps leading the others to find me. And find me they did, on my hands and knees in the garden pulling up grubs and eating them.

Now years later, you find me here in this castle where they shipped me off. Now, I just run around half naked pulling my hair and starting fires. My Lawd, if only I had tightened that corset to 18 inches, I wouldn’t be here now.”