Outside the Window- 3mins

Three minute write.

Writing Prompt: Outside the Window.

Outside the window Fredric could hear the wind blowing although the alarm from the house across the street was ringing as loudly as if it was his own house. He had wanted to look out the window to see what was going on, but at the same time he hated to be one of “those people”. He wasn’t a nosey neighbor.

“It isn’t nosiness when it is your neighbor’s alarm blaring. It’s neighborly concern.” His wife was addressing him from the kitchen. “What if they need some help.” She was leaning in the doorway in her usual manner of pressing her fist against her hip. There was flour on her apron from baking. She was making biscuits. Fredric did love his wife’s biscuits, nice flakey, and sweetly buttered, but she herself could get on his nerves from time to time. “Look out the window, and see what’s going on.” She said wiping her hands on her apron.

“It’s none of our business.” He grumbled as he shook out the newspaper and settled into his old leather armchair.


3 minutes up.  


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