NaNo- Lagging behind, but still trying

Time: 1986

Wendy got sent home from school because of her hooker costume. Mrs. Crabtree said that it was inappropriate and the principle agreed. I was afraid that she was going to get beat by her mom because the school forced her to come and pick Wendy up, but she just got mad at the principal. Wendy said it was her mom’s idea in the first place, and that her mother thought it was a funny costume. Her mom made a huge scene too. She was cussing at the principal as Wendy stood behind her with her head down and her little side ponytail hanging over her forehead. I think that the principal looked at Wendy like he felt sorry her. If her mom can’t tell her it’s a bad costume than how is she supposed to know? I didn’t see what was a wrong with it.

“Why’s she in trouble?” Angel asked.

“Because they said that her hooker costume is inappropriate attire for school.” I said.

“But it’s halloween.” Roseland said as we sat on the library steps watching Wendy’s mom scream at the principal.

The whole school was watching. It was like watching a game or being at the circus, like all the kids had their lunch like they were eating popcorn and drinking soda while watching the clowns pile out of those tiny cars. I felt so sorry for Wendy. Now all the kids have seen what she has as a mother. You’d think that maybe kids would feel bad for her and maybe be nice to her from now on because no one should have a bad mom, but it isn’t like that. I could already see the Marissa kinda girls and the Jason Sender kind of boys snickering. They would just have new things to make fun of her about.

“I don’t see what the big deal is.” Said Angel. “She looks like Madonna but without any pants or skirt. Where’d she get those fishnet stockings.”

“The whats?” Roseland asked.

“Her tights they are called fishnets. My older sister has some. I totally want a pair, but my mom won’t let me she say’s not in elementary school.”

“Well, if your mom say’s it’s not okay, then maybe it isn’t okay.” I said.

“What do you mean? I think they’re sexy.” Angel said.

Roseland laughed at sexy.

“Why do you want to be sexy? You’re twelve. That’s weird.” I said.

“I’m almost thirteen.” Angel said with her hand on her hip. She was wearing black fingerless lace gloves with her witch costume. “Cyndi Lauper is wearing fishnets on the cover of She’s so Unusual and you like that.” She said all snotty like.

I was about to say that she’s not Cyndi Lauper and she’s not a grown up like Cyndi, but Wendy’s mom yelled out a loud “fuck you,” which made all the kids make an ooing sound and the principle looked too shocked to respond. I kind of forgot what I was going to say to Angel because all I could see was my friend getting humiliated by her mother, and I couldn’t do anything but watch as all these dregs and sludges of the school took notes on more ways to hurt her. If the principal wanted to say something to Wendy’s mom he didn’t have time to because her mom had Wendy by the arm and was dragging her away.

“Wow. That’s Wendy’s mom.” Roseland said. “I’d hate to have a mom like that.”

“Yeah,” said Angel. “I don’t even have a mom like that. My mom probably wouldn’t even come and get me. She’d say make her walk home. Then I wouldn’t even go home because she wouldn’t care or even notice.”

“Crud.” I said. “Now how are we going to get her?”

We had made a plan. After school we were all going to go to Roseland’s house for dinner and then we told her mom that Angel’s mom was going to take us trick or treating. We knew we couldn’t stay at Roseland’s because her mom would really take us trick or treating, and we knew that Angel’s mom wouldn’t care if we were by ourselves or not. I got my grandpa to agree to come and pick Wendy and I up and take us home. There was no way that Wendy’s mom was going to bring Wendy to Angel’s house and no way that my grandpa would pick her up and drop her off, and then come back and pick us up again later.

“We’re going to have to go without her.” I said with a sigh.

“Maybe it will be better.” Roseland said.

“Why?” I asked feeling like I was going to need to defend Wendy.

“Well because if we get seen they’ll be looking for three kids, and we are always hanging out and there are normally four of us, so they won’t think it’s us.” She said.

“Yeah, but our mom’s will know that there are only three of us tonight.” Angel said.

“Do you think we’ll get caught?” Roseland asked.

“No.” I said trying to think about how we could make it seem like there were four of us. “We just can’t get caught.” I said. “It’s as simple as that.”

I remember my father sitting in the living room with my brother months before he died. He told my brother to choose his friends wisely because bad friends can bring you down. They can change the kind of man you can be. I knew that what we were about to do was wrong and that we would get in trouble, but it seemed to me that if you did something wrong to people who were bad than it should make up for what you’re doing wrong. Even so it was my idea and I wondered if I was the one that was a bad friend. Not even Angel who has one of the worst families in town with the worst reputation for getting in trouble had thought of getting back at the old people behind the church.

The three of us walked from Roseland’s house to Angels. We had told Roseland’s mom that Wendy was going to meet us at Angel’s and that she didn’t come for dinner because her mom had wanted to have a special Halloween dinner together something that they always did together. Angel and I did all the lying since Roseland couldn’t lie to her mother. As we walked cut through the graveyard we were all very quiet. This time it wasn’t just because of my mom and brother being in this graveyard it was because we knew there had to be teenagers hiding in here. You can’t have a graveyard on Halloween without teenagers waiting to terrorize some poor kids. We got close to the gate when we heard the first sound. It was like the howl of a wolf. Then someone made a wooing noise like a ghost. I knew it was stupid teenagers, but we had a mission and we couldn’t take the choice of being slowed down by them.

“Run!” I yelled and I took off for the gate. Angel and Roseland were running right beside me. From the corner of my eye I saw someone jump out from behind a gravestone. It wasn’t dark yet so it wasn’t as scary as it could have been but we still didn’t want to get caught. They were boys and they were bigger and faster than all of us. We had almost made it to the gate when all three of us got grabbed by a boy or more. There were seven of them. We were all screaming and kicking as they held us. One of the boys was laughing.

“Man. We’ve got us some fighters!” Then he looked at the boy who had me. “Look  man you’ve got Bobby’s little sister.”

The boy turned me around and slammed me down onto the ground to look at my face.

“Get off me!” I screamed.

He had a Jason hockey mask. I could see his blue eyes through the eyeholes starring at me.

“Get off me.” I screamed again. The boy grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me up off the ground. “Let ’em go guys.”

“Man your little sister is dressing like a slutty witch.” A Jason Myers boy was holding Angel up off the ground as she was kicky and trying to twist out of his hold. Another boy dressed like Freddy Kruger grabbed Angel’s feet. “Maybe we should teach her what it means to dress like a slutty witch, Angel.” The Freddy Kruger said her name slow and funny with a creepy drag to his voice.

Jason hushed over and pushed the guy away. “Get the fuck off my fucking sister man. What’s the fucking matter with you man, fuck. You sound like a fucking pervert.”

Freddy Kruger just shrugged. “I was just joking man. Fuckin’ chill.”

All the boys were dressed like monsters or killers from the movies. There was a Jason,  a Freddy, and a Michael, there was also a zombie and a zombie vampire, and a guy who just had blood all over his face and a guy with a dumb Frankenstein mask.  The guy with the blood all over his face was Rodger Rogers, one of Angel’s brothers and the boy in the Jason mask must have been Gunner. Gunner the one who was with my brother when he died. Rodger lifted up Angel’s dress. She was still being held by Michael Myers. She kicked at him, and screamed.

Gunner grabbed his brother by the back of his shirt and pulled him back halfway chocking him. He pulled Angel out of the Michael’s arms and dragged her over to Roseland and I who were standing next to each other with the gate behind us.

“What are you doing dressed like that?” He yelled at her.

“I’m a witch! It’s halloween.” She yelled back.

I didn’t see what the big deal was. Angel normally dressed in short skirts with leggings and layers of tops. Her witch dress was all cut up but it went down to her knees. I was in a baby onsie and Roseland was also in a leotard with black tights and a long tail. It must have been something about girls in dresses that were making Angel and Wendy get in trouble. I could tell that once you got to be twelve girls had to start dressing how older boys and grown ups thought were okay. I decided I wasn’t going to do that.

“Go home and put some pants on.” He yelled.

The other boys started laughing. “What are you doing out? You should be home.” He said.

“I don’t know if you know this but halloween is for kids and you are the ones who should be home because you’re too old to be trick or treating.” Angel said.

“Who say’s were getting candy?” Rodger said. “At least not candy from old ladies.” He laughed.

“Rodger Rogers, what a stupid name.” I said. “Your dad must have been stuttering when he named you because he was scared at how ugly you were.”

“Shut up you little freak. Why don’t you go die like your mom.” Rodger said.

“Shut the fuck up.” Gunner said. He turned back to look down on us. Gunner was sixteen. My brother would have been sixteen this spring. “Go home.”

“That’s where we were going before you and your lame-o friends grabbed us. I’m telling mom that you’re out here.” Angel said.

“Tell mom we are on the way to a party and will be back late. Also, you better be at home and asleep when I get back.”

“Whatever dad.” Angel sneered.”

“Right now I am your dad. So get going.”

We started to walk away.

“Have fun torturing kids.” I yelled back.

“We will.” Rodgers laughed.

“I hate my brothers.” Angel said.


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