Considering David Foster Wallace

I have through work, and various other things seemingly unimportant, intermittently been reading essays from David Foster Wallace’s, Consider the Lobster.

I haven’t had the time or created the time to do much of my own writing or creative thinking in the past month, so in order to get through some of the lack of stimulation I have started posting youtube clips I find of poets to my poetry blog, and I thought that David Foster Wallace would be a great clip to add to this blog about short story writing. He was and is an essayist, but I feel that his work is fitting for any type of short writing form. Plus, I just love his work.

I wasn’t introduced to Wallace till well after his unfortunate death, unfortunate because he will never write anything new for us to read, unfortunate because we will never have the chance to hear him reading live or maybe if we were lucky, meet him, take a class from him. Unfortunate because he was unable to sustain the pain inside him, no matter the drugs or the therapy, unfortunate because he left those of us who so desperately wanted and needed him to stay with us.

Thank you to UCtelevision for posting this clip. This is a 28 min clip.



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