Not a Beautiful child- five minute write

Five minute timed writing

Chang Mai was not a beautiful child. In many respects this made her life all the more difficult. It was bad enough that she was born a girl, but to be ugly too, this was not a blessing.
Maybe she will grow to be beautiful her mother whispered to her father.
No. he grunted. She is ugly and a girl we are cursed.
They had already had five unsuccessful births. Each and every one a girl. None of the girls were very beautiful, but Chang Mai was by far the ugliest. Thankfully she was not deformed so she could at least be sold for work, but it would be impossible for them to marry her off.
Father looked at mother as she held the tiny round Chang Mai in her arms.
She is so fat. He said. How do you have such a fat child? Do you sneak food?
No. Mother whispered.
You are a disgrace. He said. You have girls, you have ugly children and now you have a fat child. She will eat us out of home. We must get rid of her right away. Father stared at mother with hate in his eyes. If I could, I would drown you woman. If we had money you would be floating in the river you and your fat children. No sons. We are wasted. You are a waste.
At that Chang Mai let out a shrill and a kick. Her voice piercing fathers ears.
Too much fire! He yelled as her stormed from their shack.
Enough fire. Her mother whispered. Enough fire to burn the earth.
At this Chang Mai silenced. Her crescent eyes peered up at her mother. They were like black moons early in the cycle and curved like frowns. Her head was bald and shiny like an old man who had lost his hair and nothing like a new baby’s. There were no signs of follicles. He lips were fat and puffy as were her cheeks and her apple chin. In other countries, other places, in another time, she may have been thought of as a cute baby, but destiny birthed her here in the damp tent in a wet peninsula stuck out like a crooked finger into the Yellow Sea.
A lot of fire. Her mother said. Like a Queen.



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