Above the auto shop for Dinner

Appetizers began with a bean spread with garlic and pesto sauce over toasted baguettes and figs wrapped in brie and prosciutto drizzled with crème fraiche. We each had a cold beer, Pacifico.

First course: gazpacho with a lot of garlic and fresh tomatoes, along with a glass of red wine. It had a rich oaky taste. The main course: beef flank medallions wrapped around roasted red peppers with golden raisins, prosciutto, and rosemary. The side dish: spanish rice with a spicy kick of chile pepper and fresh organic green beans sautéed in olive oil and citrus; lemon.

Another bottle of red wine and a cheese platter; blue cheese, goat cheese, creamy and served with freshly cut peaches.

The evening ended with homemade liquor: limoncello, a shot each. It slid down the back of our throats, smooth and came out in a cool stinging breath.

All devoured and enjoyed in a stylish loft in Seattle above an auto shop where the Asian mafia may or may not hang out.



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