Setting Bolder Goals

I have just been accepted into a writing program. I’m very excited to grow as a writer. One of the things about this particular program that I like is that you have to set goals. I haven’t started the course yet, but I know based on the curriculum that what you need to be succesful in the program is to have goals. Here are mine: During the program I want to complete my editing of my first novel and I want to begin the processes of getting it published. By the end of the program I would like to have the beginning outline for my next book and I would like to have a strong selection of short stories for which I can put together a collection of short stories.

Based on my ten minute writes that I have done on this blog, I want to work on Sand and WheatGunther McWilliams, and the one about the abonne, the old man and the woman in the garden in Brooklyn, The Chinamanthe girl with the bright red handsThe Appalachian Girl and Touch and Lewis. There may be some others. My goal for this blog and its loose purpose is to do bi-weekly ten minute writes for more inspired ideas. After a month I need to pick one and get to work.

I sound like I know what is up, but I don’t.


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