The mean old lady-ten minutes

I had no idea where this one was going. I just had the first sentence pop into my head and kept going. The old lady just manifested out of the words. That’s the most interesting about doing timed writing. If you don’t allow yourself to stop, you sometimes get characters or settings that you pull from the folds of your brain. The title, which is pretty weak, came after my writing time was up. I decided to indent or quote the first paragraph after I had written it because the first part sounded like it was in third person, but at this point I don’t want to do any editing, still, looking at the first sentence this piece could have gone anywhere.

It was a blue day in sunnside, the raspberries had gone moldy and there was none left to eat. Tomorrow there would be more picking but the bush had been raped from the children that walked by on their way to the bus stop.

It bothered me that they would greedily take from the only raspberry bush. They had no consideration, children never did.  I had a good mind to call up every single one of their no good parents, but what was the use their parents were no good. They just sit about on their porches as the children go wild like animals, meaty animals. The entire neighborhood has been over run with these young families, people who have no idea how to take care of anything, let their dogs and cats and wild animal children run about creating a mess and eating all my raspberries. I throw chicken bones out in the street for their pets, I only wish the damn kids would eat one of them bones and choke.

Things were different when I was a young woman, we didn’t let our kids run around like they do know, we disciplined those kids of ours not let them run loose and destroy a neighborhood, all those kids are going to turn out to be nothing but criminals. Capital C criminals. I just don’t know what has gone wrong in this world. Something is wrong when kids are stealing an old woman’s raspberries, when their dogs are running loose and wild and a woman’s own kids wont even come to see her. I think there is something wrong with the whole country. My own kids got sick or something with whatever is wrong now a days. You should see how they go about disciplining their own children, let them act like animals. I don’t even like them. My daughter, my youngest she don’t even come and see me, says I was mean to her, I don’t know how she got so spoiled, must have been her father’s fault, he was after all a weak man. Damn if I didn’t marry a weak man and all that weakness soaked up into all my kid’s blood. If it wasn’t for the vow I made unto God that I would stay by that man, I swear I would have left him, god awful being, and sad miserable excuse for a man. He is probably burning in hell right now for leaving me and the kids. Damn, kids went off to him they were so weakened by that blood. But I stayed faithful, even though he went off. My son stayed with me and I wish I could say he was a good boy but he married that awful wife of his and she doesn’t like me very much. I had been telling my son not to make the same mistake as me that he should never marry her that he’d get stuck, but no he was blinded. I’ve been thinking of talking to my pastor to see if maybe there was a way for him to get a divorce from a woman that keeps a boy from his mother. Seems to me that God would be on my side in that one. Oh but she has him blinded, when I said, to him that I would be looking into that boy got all sad and said that he loved her, but I just know he’s lying to me, that she’s got him all twisted. Oh looky there one of them damn kids is walking up to my berry bush, I swear to you I gotta get me a b-b gun so I can shoot all those damn animals, and that means the dogs and cats too!


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