Ghosts: Ten minute write

I had trouble writing on this day. I just couldn’t get into it, but since it was an exercise I kept writing and pushing through it. I think you can tell the energy is low. I didn’t feel like posting it because I think it is boring, and how sad to make the subject of ghosts boring. But, there you have it, I did it. Props to me. The point of the exercise is not to just write but to look back over your work, objectively and with kindness. So I post it regardless of it seeming boring.

We don’t rattle. Why does everyone think we rattle? One stupid Christmas story with a ghost in chains and suddenly we are all in chains. Things that go bump in the night are living beings, we are apparitions, get it, move throw walls… we have no flesh, just an imprint of what was. No bumping into things, we are nothing but light and thought and feeling. No bumps no chains. Although we have been known to crawl in bed with you. How you like them apples? It’s nothing kinky don’t worry, mind you some ghosts do have sexual energy and it can be very strong, but there is nothing we can do to influence you or do anything to you, we are not like the movie Entity, we can’t create a ghost child. You living, so weird. We like to lie in bed with you because when the living sleeps you are like little radiators, and ghosts are cold. Always, always, cold. And if you ask any ghost what they miss most of the living world is snuggling and sleep. We don’t sleep, and we can’t really snuggle but we pretend and for a bit we can feel warmth.

If you want to talk about chains and bumps in the night you should complain about the living. When the living are up and about you are so noisy. As spirits we never get to rest, we wander the earth, no talking or communicating with the living- only the rare few- and there are only a rare few so save your money. Animals do sense us as do children, but only as light or feeling or a shift in the air. Adults would too, but you are all so damn busy, moving, moving… living, as you call it. You are most enjoyable when you are sleeping. We crawl into your sheets, you don’t feel us, well in a way you do, that cold spot on your ankle, or around your waist, in the small of your back, yes, that is us, sorry we are so cold. We wish we were warm. We miss the warm. We miss love. If you have a lot of love if you are a loving person, we will be attracted to you. Loving beings have the most warmth. Some of the dead while living never felt love. We do tend to suck your energy and can make you sick so we try not to stick to one loving person for too long.


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