The Subject Polar Bears: Ten Minutes

Polar Bears-

“Great jehusafis- there be a seal stickin’ his ‘ead out of the ice!” -Ma White loved to play this game with her cubs, putting on the human voices of the ones who had tried to monitor them, and the very, very, rare and secretive one she had eaten years ago.

“Hush children. We don’t talk of eating the humans, although they are meat for eating like any other mammal, they are far too dangerous.”

“Why momma? How momma?” – The cubs mewed simultaneously.

“They hunt like no other mammal. They bring weapons that yell and pow, the screech is worse than the snow fox or the howl of a wolf and more freighting than our ferocious growl.”

“They don’t use their paws or claws”-  The smaller cub cried out holding her thick padded paws out to her mother.

“Oh no baby. They have no claws, without their weapons they would be an easy delicatessen. Why, their hides peels away as easily as salmon skin.”

“Can’t we just knock the great weapons from their small hands?” The older one growled jumping up and pawing at the air.

“We’ll yes love, if there were one, but they never come alone. They come in packs and they are out to hunt and poke and prod, and track almost as well as a polar bear.”

“But not as well?” They youngest asked, her eyes wide and moist from the chilled air.

“Oh no baby, not as well or as great as us. They need tools and machines. They have no true idea about us and what we can do.”

“Why are they here?” They youngest had climbed up on its mother’s lap and snuggled her large head under her mother’s wide strong chin.

“Do they know you ate a human?” They older asked looking off into the white stark horizon. “Are they going to put us into cages in a hot land like they did to Brimbo’s sister?”

The youngest pressed even tighter into her mother’s belly as if she was trying to crawl back inside. Ma White wished she could put her children back inside, especially with the heat coming and the land melting. She worried that they may never make it to five. The youngest grasped ahold of her mother’s claws with her paws, that were the size of a human man’s; a man that had put something painful into the back of her neck.

“Why can’t they just go away.” She said and then drifted off to sleep in her mother’s warm lap.

I have slacked on keeping up on who has open submissions at the moment. My only writing saving grace has been that I am doing these ten minute writes. At this point I have managed to get up early to write something small before I go about the grind of my non writing days. Still, ten minutes everyday is better than no minutes. It is the same as any exercise program. Eventually, I imagine I will naturally begin to increase my writing time.


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