Capote is Inspiring

Capote knew by age eleven he was a writer

I read another short story by Truman Capote. House of Flowers, it is in the same book with Breakfast at Tiffany’s. You may think I am on a Truman Capote kick, but I’m not, (though why not?) I am slowly reading through the book I have of a few collected stories. What I do have to say is that after two stories, I am absolutely in love with his writing. There are few writers that cause me to stop reading a book just to say out loud, “This is so well written.” I am happy I’m reading his work now, but disappointed that I never studied him or read him earlier. My first ever introduction to Capote was as a bit part in the movie Murder By Death (I saw it when I was little and it cracked me up, not so much now, but I still find it amusing). I knew of him as an icon and a writer, I have seen and in fact own the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but only now have I actually read a story by him. I think of all the years wasted not reading his work! Seriously, he is an incredibly crafted writer.

Awkward segue into talking about myself as the writer:

I’m moving slowly through Wild Mind by Natalie Goldberg. I was presumptuous when I said her book doesn’t have many exercises. I plan to try them all, but right now, I am back to the earlier ten minute writes that she had  suggested. I wrote ten, ten minute, writes on random subjects. Her instructions were to not read any of them till two weeks had passed. I think it has been two weeks. I will post one everyday till I reach number ten, starting tomorrow (ten minutes can tend to be a lot of writing). My assignment here is to be a gentle judge. Prepare to be impressed. Capote eat your heart out right? Perhaps not, still the motto here is practice makes perfect and write, write, write.

My list subjects or ideas- to refresh the memory:

polar bears
The History of my desk
Joan of arc
Appalachian girl
the health mines

This photo was shot by Irving Penn


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