Pep Talk and Pulp Covers. Plus some Reading.

I am halfway through Truman Capote’s, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and I just have to say that I love this story. Love.

I found this cover at this site, and because I couldn’t stop laughing, I am of course going to post my favorites from this particular page, but before I do, let me go on a second about the book.

Was Breakfast at Tiffany’s considered pulp fiction?

I am surprised at how brash it is. As I read it, I find it hard to think that little Truman Capote (pictured with my favorite icon Marilyn Monroe) wrote it.

I base that on no basis what so ever, except, that I live in a time when people feel the need to splash their faces all over their work and write only about themselves. Of course Mr. Capote must be in the pages, and yes his personality was huge, but his persona is not his characters (it was written before he became famous). I guess I find it refreshing to know of a public personality before reading his work, and not being influenced by that personality, because the writing is so good that the author has faded into the back ground, and has left the characters to tell the story. I don’t know if that made sense, perhaps I am reaching.

Speaking of reaching, I didn’t even make the top 25 writers of Glimmertrain’s new writers submission contest. Deep down inside I think, “oh I suck.” In truth this is fading and the true artist in me is finally speaking out and saying, “I don’t suck, they suck.” Not to burn any bridges, but you just have to say those things, you know, because if you allow unknown faces to stop you, you’ll never send anything out again. You are witnessing my self pep talk. I probably wont submit to Glimmertrain again, not as some protest, because I’m sure they would notice and care, but because it is my second submission to them (not a lot I know) and they don’t send any type of response at all so it is hard to determine if they even find my work fitting for their lit journal. I’ve read the journal, and read Writer’s Ask. I had felt my work rang in a somewhat similar tone, but maybe I was wrong. I don’t know. So, I am left to determine, based on two non response rejections, that they don’t like my writing. Which is fine they have plenty of writers to choose from, I am certain they will survive with out my submissions. I just need to find where I fit. Hah! I say it like its out there. Pep talk is over.

Pulp fiction covers are here. And remember Death Likes it Hot.


One response to “Pep Talk and Pulp Covers. Plus some Reading.

  1. Capote’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s was a great story. The movie was also great but very different.

    Better luck on your next submissions. It’s hard to find a home.

    Love the pulp covers.

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