Searching for new places to submit

I made a few changes to my story, not based on any editing advice, since I didn’t receive any, but I felt that I found new weaknesses in my work. I can tell this is going to be a problem with me. When I had first decided to submit Ishi, I had already been through at least fourteen or fifteen drafts, and I had felt that it was truly finished. Yet, once I went over it trying to figure out the possible reasons that my story did not make the cut, I found that I didn’t like the ending, and I also discovered I no longer liked the title. Now, in the mysterious world of submissions, unless an editor actually tells you why you were not selected, there is no way to determine what was the deciding factor. It could have been your grammar, your structure and personal editing or maybe they didn’t like it or maybe it just didn’t fit the style of the journal. Who knows, my issue is not so much with the journal or the rejection but with my own eye. How can I be so certain that my story is finished, and then three months later find problems within the story? How do I know I wont do this three months later? This is a fourteen page story, again, I think to the 300 page novel I have to edit. I can’t think about it or I possibly will stop writing altogether.

As a positive and productive distraction from my own self demands, I found other magazines, and journals to submit my latest version of (whatever the new titled story will be) my short story. I created a deadline calendar. I’ll just practice submitting, and try not to care if I am accepted or rejected (Ha-ha). I’ve added more links to this blog with upcoming deadlines and lit. journals. I read some really good stories out of the New Millennium Writings and Upstreet.


2 responses to “Searching for new places to submit

  1. Usually after 3 months I find all sorts of problems because I’m looking at it with fresh eyes. When I only see a few minor things to correct with fresh eyes, I consider the story done.

    • I see what you are saying, but don’t you get a little tired that the break has to be so long? I just want to hurry up and know how to fix the damn thing. I talk about writing like it’s a car.

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