Creating Lists while Awaiting Rejection

I haven’t received the rejection letter yet, they wont send it till the 31st, but I am out of the running for publication into Glimmertrain. Ishi has bombed in the eyes of the editors.

For the ten minutes for ten days writing exercises, I have created a list of subjects to write about (this too is part of the exercise). It was really off the cuff. I usually have a million things I want to write about, but as soon as I am asked to write a list of what I would like to write about, I go blank. I’m not too excited about my list, but it doesn’t matter, the point is to just go with it.


  • Japan*
  • Polar Bears*
  • Time
  • The History of my desk
  • Touch (from a real short story idea)
  • Balance
  • Grandmothers
  • Ghosts
  • Joan of Arc
  • The Appalachian Girl
  • The Health Mines

Yeah, that one about the desk, that’s going to be fun. The ones with the asterisks means I’ve already done the writing.

Famous Authors’ Rejection Letters– a little 3 min blurb from NPR

*Update: I did a ten minute write on all of these ideas. Booyah!


2 responses to “Creating Lists while Awaiting Rejection

  1. I received a rejection via under my submissions from glimmer train. check there, do they send a letter also? hm. Narrative sends a nice standard rejection slip via email, I questioned their editors about if they have even read my story. They did respond, questioning me back about me questioning their integrity, go figure, accuse the accused! Sorry for the rant and good luck next time I tell you as I tell myself. Clark Theriot

    • I feel like I remember getting a standard thank you but no thank you e-mail from them once before, but I may be getting them mixed up with some other lit journal. If they do, they wont send it till after they announce the winners and the published. I feel pretty confident they had read my story and yours too, at what point in the stories they decided to reject, only they know. Cest la vie, right. Good luck to you and your next submission.

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