More Timed Writing Pieces

There are three weeks left till they announce the winners for the short story competition, till then I continue to create new works, ideas, and bounding boards through the process of 10 minute writes. I’m plodding along through Goldberg’s Wild Mind, doing the writing exercises when ever they are offered. I have finished reading Night, and I have picked up Dawn. My latest timed (10 mins) writing is posted here:

There was a layer of frost over everything, like sugar powder on rice candy. Delila, stared out the window and on to the street. The neighbor children were playing. It looked as if they were playing a game of street ice hockey. She could see her brother as he slid over the dark ice, and then slammed the flat rock, that they were using as a puck, into Mr. Jensen’s car tire. The children winced and froze. They were tense and poised like antelope that smell a predator. When Mr. Jensen did not appear the kids laughed and squealed, many of the neighbor boys came up and patted her brother Chris on the back.

He was going to grown up to become a football player. This would not be the last time he would be congratulated. He was going to make it as far as college football, but never pro. This would haunt him, it would destroy his marriage, and estrange him from his eldest children (he was going to have five). The younger two would love him, they would be like Delila and Christopher-twins. He’d be inspired by them to go back to school and eventually become a fire fighter, and again he would be a hero, and again people would surround him, and pat him on his back. He would never remarry, but he would have many girlfriends- he would not be unhappy with this- The twins would remain in his life always. His wife would never forgive him for being unhappy when he was with her, but he would be able to let go, she would not.

His eldest, will turn out repeating the same life as his father, the second, will repeat the mother, and the third will follow the path of a great-great relative (unbeknownst to her) and the twins- proudly family bound to their father- would start a new path.

Delila knew all this because she could see into the future. She was a sickly child, not allowed to play in the cold air, but she could see beyond the years of all the children laughing in the street, she could see their children’s children. She would never have children of her own since she would never live past the age of ten, but she knew this, and she was not afraid because she would live again.


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