Jotting down some notes

The latest American Short Fiction, just arrived in my mailbox this week.  They have a short story submission deadline for January 1st. It is a contest. I thought about submitting, Ishi, but it is twenty dollars and I’m broke till after the 1st. Its funny the reading fee is more than Glimmertrain but the prize money is less. I think the draw is the judge: Rick Moody (amongst many other reasons of course. Not so much a commentary as an observation). I have recently checked the status of my submission, it is still listed as in progress, which is good, it means I am still in the running. They wont make announcements until the and of January but sometimes you can find out ahead of time if you have been rejected. I haven’t been doing much writing- of anything- aside from the blog for my employer. I think it has been about a month since I have touched my novel and definitely a month since I wrote a story. I have listed some ideas for writing projects. I’ve been reading, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

Story ideas:

  • The Abbone’ (misspelled) inspired from, “The Dancer” exhibit.
  • Last time a young grecian girl gets to see the Olympic games- from article in Smithsonian on Ancient Greece and the Olympics.
  • The healing place- story of a young waitress in small Montana town with a “magic healing mines” she meets an old Chinese man who has gone to find ancestors who died while building the mines that people now visit for health.- National geographic article
  • Sand and Wheat- rewrite- new title or more connection to the title.
  • The Inventor- About Chester Carlson inventor of the copy machine.
  • Gunther rewrite.

*** An update: I wanted to add a sentence I scribbled down, I like it and may use it in something: (another good way of jotting notes for stories)

  • shipwrecked and marooned like two idiots in a Beckett play.

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