No short stories in the works

I’m just sitting on my hands as far as Ishi goes. There isn’t much for me to do until I find out if I will get published. I have a couple of stories in my head, but I finally got back to work on my novel, and I’m spending all of my writing time on that project. Perhaps one day I will be so prolific that I will be able to write both a novel, and a short story simultaneously, but as far as today goes, that is not a possibility. Maybe at a certain point in the novel I will be able to switch gears.


2 responses to “No short stories in the works

  1. I’ve got that same thing. I really want to write… something, but all my brain power is being diverted to writing a novel. I even have a few unfinished pieces floating around online (sloppy, I know), but once I got this crazy idea to write a book, I went with it.

    • I know. I think however you write is fine as long as you write, but sometimes I feel like I should be able to juggle more stories, and be more prolific. I’m just comparing myself to others, and it is a hard habit to break.

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