From beginning to end- Kind of…

Ishi is the first short story that I have worked through on this blog, and actually started with the idea then worked all the way through to the moment where I finally finished it. Still, now it is the submission time. This is far worse than any other part of this process because there is absolutely nothing I can do. I did as much as I could do for submitting, I did research on the lit journal, and read all the short stories, I started out locally, but that’s it, now, all I can do is wait and wait, and either they take me or don’t. Then I submit somewhere else and wait and wait.

The last time I submitted I just forgot about it, which is what I’ll do this time around, but I will admit that this story is better than my first submission. I put a lot more work into this one, and I worked very hard on crafting it to the best of my abilities. I wasn’t lazy about this one. The higher and more dedicated the time investment, the harder it is to just push an electronic submit and watch it just go out where it’s up to someone else to decide if it is good or not.

Last night, after posting about how I knew the story was finished, I went to bed and as I was lying there I began thinking about a specific paragraph and I thought, “crap, I think that paragraph needs more work.” I’ve been through that story hundreds of times, and once I think it is done, suddenly there is something else, but I just had to let it go. Not the paragraph- I went back and I tweaked a word here and there. I’m not making big changes now just small things. Well, I hope they like it, I really do because I worked pretty hard on it. I want to be better, a better writer, I hope that each story I write is better than the last, but right now I have no idea what caliber of writer I am.

Until January 31st, Ishi is out in the world.


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