Still Editing Ishi

I finally think the first page and the first paragraph may be at the right place. I still have about a month left if I want to submit to The Glimmertrain Short Story competition. Speaking of which, if you have a short story, a fiction, about family, Glimmertrain has open submissions for their family matters fiction contest.

I haven’t had a lot of time to work on my story, I’ve managed to steal 15 mins here or there, not much but better than nothing. I had printed out a copy that I can hold in my hand and scribble over. There is just something about the page in hand where the computer can never compete. I think the computer is a great tool but sometimes you can’t see things with out having that paper in your hand that print in your face. I’ll never give up the pen and paper- but I’ll also never discount the value of the computer.

Anyway, I’m gibbering here. Still moving through the editing process. I do have a few story ideas rolling in my head at the moment but I’m trying not to trip over my own feet in the frenzy to get the ideas out.

Oh and Rhetorical Grammar? Yes, yes, I’m still trudging through it.


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