You ask and you shall receive

Just as I was thinking of leaving the Zoetrope community I was given three really great reviews, all with workable feedback. I have now worked on the third revision since I originally posted The Rules of the Game, three or four days ago. I am finding that I literally could write all day long. One story alone is taking me weeks to write well.

I’ve added a few elements to the story in regard to the portion about the Native American tribe that once lived in the area per advice of my roommate and I re ordered the events and changed the ending. This has been a challenging process. I find that I can whip a story out pretty fast but there is so much more development involved. I am amazed that people write novels. I am working on a novel and it is taking me forever and I haven’t even reached the part in the novel where I am in the short story process. I mean it i could do this all day.  I envy the working writer, and those that get to be paid for what they love to do.

Speaking of getting paid to do what they love. I read another great story out of American Short Fiction by Patrick Somerville. It is titled The Universe in Miniature in Miniature. I was such a great read. I have only been delighted with what I have read in American Short Fiction and if I ever found myself published in their journal it would be an honor to share the pages with these  great writers, Patrick Somerville, Christie Hodgen, Karen Gentry just to name a few.

As a last note in regard to my most recent short story, I think the title needs to be changed, I feel like it is close in my head but not quite there.


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