More on Gunther

I finished my latest short story, and plan to post it onto Zoetrope to see what the “people” think before I send it off to see if anyone would like to publish it. This story will be my first real attempt to reach out into the publishing world to see if they bite. I need a title though, so hopefully the Zoetrope folks can help me out. Speaking of short stories, I posted some annotated notes from people on Zoetrope, and the things they thought were strong and weak in regard to the story Gunther McWilliams. I’ve had a funny reaction to Gunther: I’m over it. The story was created out of a short story challenge contest, so, it isn’t the theme I generally feel driven to write (yes, I plugged my third placement in the first round). It was great practice in writing in a different genre and voice but when it came down to all the extra work to make the story shine, I just didn’t have it in my heart to go deeper. But maybe some other time.

Here are the notes:

The good: non-traditional story–this semi-science fiction story is satirical and funny. Swiftesque feeling. The story flows well. The dialogue captures the nature of the character, authentic in tone. Never once gets in the way of the story you’re telling, and the pace you keep is perfect for a narrative of this sort. The story itself feels familiar interesting twist here a fascinating twist I really like the premise.


Some places for improvement would be more imagery . Not totally original but enjoyable nonetheless. A very few minor typos.  I’ve seen it before.


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